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Torch Man is our trade name for a hand held, intelligent, digital torch kit, which consists of an engineered torch with a location jig, gas saver, torch hanger, auto digital pressure controller, auto wire feeding unit, auto temper atur sensing unit etc.

Torch Man is an innovative unit for manual brazing, which gines an unskilled operator the ability to produce quality brazing for any component suitable for brazing with Torch Man.

Torch Man consists of four major units;
1) Torch unit
- Includes an engineered torch for each style of component being brazed.
- Includes a location jig enabling the torch to be positioned precisely at the brazed joint.
- Includes torch vibration unit, wire feeder gun, temperature sensing head, start switch etc.
2) Gas saver unit
- Includes atorch holder, ignitor and gas saver etc.
3) Wire feeding unit
- Includes wire feeding gun, wire roll ganger and wire feeding unit etc.
4) Digital torch kit unit
- Includes automatic pressure control units for gas/oxygen or air, automatic temperature sensing unit, electrical control and memory unit etc.

torch man
torch man

Lift torch form the rest arm → auto spak "on" → torch ignition → hold the torch unit to the workpiece with location jig → start button "on" → brazing with automatic temperature sensing and wire feeding → buzzer "on" or signal lamp "on" → remove the torch unit from a workpiece → replace toreh on rest arm.

No special brazing skills required. An unskilled operator can braze with Torch Man.
Easy to braze, weld, solder, mould glass. Any operator can use Torch Man with ease because the torch unit is taken to, and removed from, the workpiece after brazing.
Complex brazed joints
Qualty brazed joints are produced because of the accurate brazing temperature control and precise brazing alloy usage.
Cost saving/economy
The 'gas saver function' reduces gas/oxygen or air wastage; brazing alloy usage is controlled and reject rates fall with Torch Man.

torch man

Torch Man is an engineered torch unit mainly for single joint brazing.

The following information is needed for us to supply a Torch Man unit.
1. Details of joint to brazed.
2. Gas you intend using? (eg, acetylene, LPG, LNG, others)
3. Is a mixed gas to be used? (gas/oxygen or gas/air)
4. Torch shape? (single nozzle, double or multi nozzle)
5. Location jig to hold the torch unit to the brazed jont.

Title Digital torch kit Wire feeding unit Gas saver unit Torch unit
Dimension (mm) 250*640*430H 225*580*430H 100*62*210H 220*290*470H
Weight (kg) 37 20 1.5 2.5
Control method   Touch panel and PLC
Ignition method   By spark ignitor
sensing method
  By infrared temperature sensor
Torch location method   By infrared beam and location jig
Wire feeding method   Auto wire feeding by sensing the temperature with infrared temperatur sensor