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steel brazing

- Steel brazing machine


For brazing of inlet & outlet tubes of aluminum heat exchangers
For brazing/soldering of copper radiators/heaters/evaporators
For brazing of aluminum tubes to fittings & blocks
For brazing of steel components
For brazing of car door parts
For soldering of battery posts
For brazing of electric contacts
For brazing/soldering of other automotive parts

For brazing of steel components
We have considerable experience in semi-automatic brazing machines to join steel parts for automoblies, steel chairs, steel furniture, bicycles etc.. Gas flux applied through the flame can be easily adapted to a wide variety of brazing machines from oxy-acetylene gas mixtures to oxy-propane/natural gas mixtures. For high production, the brazing alloy can be introduced into the joint area by auto wire feeders with gas flux. A cleaning operation is generally not required after brazing when gas flux is used.
steel brazing machine